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Based in glorious North Vancouver, Canada, we concentrate  solely on the Canadian market, and are thus unfortunately unable to process requests from outside of Canada.

New to Canada is the beautiful line of pearls and pearl jewellery from Joia de Majorca. These organic man-made pearls are strongly positioned to become another top selling brand.

Another newcomer this year has been Wish Pearl.   This unique gift allows anyone the magic of opening an oyster to find a genuine cultured pearl. Available with either a Sterling Silver or rhodium plated locket pendant specially designed to safeguard the pearl, many retailers have been amazed at the fast sell through. Please call us for more details.

Our catalogues are available for all to view. Online ordering is only available to all registered retailers. if you are interested in becoming a retailer please use the Contact Us form and we will be happy to address your enquiry.

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Today's gold price's charts live online. NY Spot Gold and 24hr Gold in $ US, £ Sterling and also in € Euros.

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Being a wholesale company, we regret we are unable to deal with enquires from the general public, although we would be more than happy to direct you to a local retailer who carries our products. Please also use this page to request a password if you are currently a customer of ours.


Joia de Majorca multi coloured strand with white earrings.


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